Discounted Cash Flow Method (DCF), Is one of the quantitative ways of startup valuation whose philosophy and perspective toward valuation is envisioning the future. As mentioned, one of the factors that startups use in formulating their strategy is growth forecasting and consequently business financial projection. Based on the current situation…

A-Cap table or capitalization table is a table that most start-ups or investment companies use in the early stages. In addition to specifying the percentage of each shareholder, the cap table shows the value of their securities as well as the degree to which they dilute over time. The capitalization…

Startup valuation

The venture capital method is one of the startup valuation methods that is often used by venture capitalists to quickly estimate the value of a startup. This method of startup valuation is often used in the early stages when the startup does not have a lot of financial data and…

These days, most of us have a dream of a successful business and Generating ideas. Many times, witnessing the success of people in their startups, we have asked ourselves how these people came up with such novel ideas and what the secret of this creation of exceptional ideas is. …

According to an article by Ratiba Academy:

There are several strategies for target marketing, four of which are more common than others.

1-The first target marketing strategy: Integrated (undifferentiated) Marketing

2-The second target marketing strategy: Multi-segment targeting

3-The third strategy: Focused targeting

4-The fourth strategy: Customized marketing

Evaluating and examining different market segments serves the purpose of identifying the best available position for our business. This evaluation ultimately results in selecting one or more segments of the market and entering them. Target marketing strategy is really about determining the overall direction of the business and the efforts that are going to be made in the future.

Discounted cash flow (DCF) is a valuation method used to estimate the value of an investment based on its future cash flows. DCF analysis attempts to figure out the value of an investment today, based on projections of how much money it will.

Discounted cash flow calculator

Your startup has crossed Death Valley, and it has had at least 2 funding rounds? Discounted Cash Flows​ calculator is for your use.

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The demand for your goods or services depends on the essential needs of the people, their daily needs or their desire for greater well-being. Of course, not all people have the same needs, desires, and luxuries; in fact, from a manufacturer’s point of view, customers are categorized by their different…

Blockchain is a distributed, decentralized general ledger that can be tracked using transparent asset transaction information. The speed and transparency of transactions is the value created by blockchain for businesses since every business needs high accuracy and speed in receiving and storing information. Any information about transactions and changes in…

Car rental services is actually a group of businesses that rent a car at a certain time for a certain amount of money. Currently, this issue is very common due to high travel demand and road improvements. In fact, due to the increase in surplus revenues, some emerging economies, with…

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